AHP has a variety of resources to help families locate services and supports, and to help service providers, property developers and managers to better support individuals with autism.

Turning 18 Checklist: A list of steps you should complete when your family member reaches adulthood to maximize available services and supports.

Features to look for in a service provider: Not all service providers have expertise in autism. Here is a list of features to look for when choosing a provider of adult day or residential services.

My Benefits Generator. An interactive questionnaire that helps you identify the benefits for which your family member should apply.

Visual Supports: Visual supports for self-care and household activities. These supports include both step-by-step written directions and picture directions.

Hygiene and cleaning schedule, and how-to guide: This is a basic checklist individuals can use to maintain basic hygiene, and a clean kitchen and bath. It includes a list of basic supplies. It may be useful to individuals, families, and property managers.

How do I?: A list of useful links, showing techniques for performing basic living skills. Some are descriptions with pictures, others are videos.