Person-centered Planning

Person-centered planning is a process in which the wants and needs of the individual, rather than the requirements of the service delivery system, are used to create a plan for the future. Note that person-centered planning is based on the vision of the individual with a disability, not the vision of the family. While the family is a valuable source for information, even individuals with extreme impairments can provide input about their likes and dislikes.

AHP provides PCP services under a grant provided by the Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council.   The grant is currently in process, with no spaces available. We encourage you to visit this page and become a Facebook fan, where we announce new grant cycles and open registration to families on a first-come, first-served basis.

AHP has partnered with Person-Centered Planning Partners (PCPP), a program of Community 4 Each, Inc, a Massachusetts nonprofit dedicated to developing opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. PCPP services include a full menu of Person-Centered Planning services.

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